Update on important Product Safety Information of European Fire Fighting Protective Clothing

Gore has issued a Product Safety Information related to isolated, field-based incidents of seam tape separation in stored Fire Fighting protective clothing in European markets in November 2013. Since then it has been our highest priority to evaluate the phenomenon in collaboration with our customers.

During the past months, we have carried out a statistically based analysis from a population of garments that have been identified as having been stored in original packaging for a long duration. 

Our results show that the phenomenon is only seen in garments that have been stored in original packaging for more than 6 years before issued and worn.

For this reason we would like to update our care instructions on new European Fire Fighting protective clothing stating that it should not be stored in the original packaging for more than 6 years before being issued and worn.  Gore is recommending the following storage options:

  • To hang Fire Fighting protective clothing in well ventilated area or – where this is not practical –
  • We would recommend removing Fire Fighting protective clothing from packaging, refolding loosely on shelves and cover with air permeable fabrics or dust sheets in well ventilated area.  Increasing the ventilation around the garment is most desirable.


If you have potentially affected Fire Fighting protective clothing, please complete the form below.

We would like to remind you that we have never been contacted about this issue or any performance issue in garments manufactured in Europe. No adverse effects have been reported to Gore with respect to this industry concern until now.