Ultimate Protection Without Compromise

The GORE® PARALLON™ System is a revolutionary solution that extends the boundaries of firefighter protection to new levels and for the first time removes the need to compromise.

It is a lightweight, breathable and waterproof system that delivers high levels of thermal protection in firefighter PPE while reducing the risk of burn injuries and heat stress in wet and dry conditions. This creates the most consistent protection without compromising comfort.

Today’s firefighter PPE provides excellent thermal protection from heat and flame in extreme conditions, however the wearer has historically still been at risk from steam burns that can occur in sub flashover conditions wearing wet gear. This is the type of injury that is caused by a build up of thermal energy and moisture inside the layers of a garment which causes a burn in sub flash over or by compression, for example when crouching or kneeling or by harness straps of breathing apparatus, integrated rescue systems or belts with wet garments.

The GORE® PARALLON™ System specifically combats the risks associated with moisture and heat stress by introducing a unique new solution that incorporates a highly breathable Gore thermal barrier combined with a GORE-TEX® or CROSSTECH® Moisture barrier.

This is a unique use of two membranes encapsulating a layer of thermal protection that maintains breathability while wicking moisture away from the skin and out through the suit, simultaneously preventing liquid penetration from the outside.

Internal moisture is efficiently moved through the layers, keeping the thermal protective fabric dry and reducing the risk of steam or wet compression burns. Comfort and breathability is high, reducing the risk of heat stress and keeping the wearer cooler for longer.

In a series of tests comparing other assembly or layup, the GORE® PARALLON™ System delivered the highest protection from radiant and convective heat, with up to 65% more breathability.

When a fire suit becomes wet inside, whether from water or heavy sweating, protection levels normally drop by 45% with decreased time to burn and less time for escape. In tests undertaken in wet conditions, the GORE® PARALLON™ System consistently maintained thermal protection, allowing more time to escape and reducing the risk of burns compared to traditional assemblies.

Firefighters wearing the GORE® PARALLON™ System enjoy peace of mind that comes with:

  • Consistently high thermal protection in all conditions – wet or dry
  • Protection from sub flashover radiant heat burns in wet conditions
  • High levels of comfort, breathability and freedom of movement from a lightweight garment
  • Reduced risk of heat stress
  • Weight of garment does not increase significantly in wet conditions (low water pick up)


The GORE® PARALLON™ System has been extensively tested in wearer trials with impressive results.



The GORE® PARALLON™ System revolutionises firefighter protection, achieving new and more consistent levels of protection and comfort in wet and dry conditions while reducing heat stress and the risk of burns.