Gore Science

For decades, we have studied the factors that affect your comfort — factors that include your body’s performance, your environment, and your clothes, boots, gloves, and hat. This knowledge is the foundation for developing protective fabrics that are also comfortable in the most challenging environments.

Your Microclimate

Understand the specific conditions your body needs for peak performance, even in the most extreme environments.

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Factors Affecting Comfort

Learn how your body, equipment, and the environment affect your performance.

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Manage Your Comfort

Maintain the proper microclimate by choosing clothes that provide temperature balance, moisture management and environmental protection.

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Choose A Protective System

Combine clothing elements wisely to achieve maximum protection and comfort from head to toe.

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Fabric Engineering

Go inside the garment – learn how Gore uses membranes and laminates to form the foundation for best-in-class protective fabrics.

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Engineering Your Protection

Discover the unique properties that help GORE™ fabrics deliver optimal performance on the job

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