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Collaboration with Arco

Gore Workwear has now extended its partnership with Arco from the supply of fabrics and laminates to the development of technically advanced premium footwear, hazardwear and weatherwear.

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Goliath & YDS GORE-TEX® Footwear Promotion

Goliath and YDS are promoting GORE-TEX® Footwear during October 2012

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Making a stand against illegal PPE

Gordon Burns, Technical Applications Engineer at W.L. Gore and Associates (UK) Ltd. explains dangers of non-compliant PPE.

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Cosalt Announce: 30,000 Garments On ‘Active Duty’ Set To Increase

'Active Duty’ Garment numbers set To Increase within next two years.

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Innovation in Electrical Arc Safety Clothing

Innovation in Electrical Arc Safety Clothing discussion took place in Corby. Find out more abot Arc risk and protection on our website.

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PHS Besafe focuses on Rail PPE procurement at InfraRail 2012

PHS Besafe calls for Rail PPE procurement to focus on legal and quality products at InfraRail 2012.

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