Fire & rescue

Fire & Rescue

Structural firefighters and rescue teams need excellent service uniforms to protect against different threats to their safety.

Structural firefighters, paramedics, or military personnel face a wide variety of risks when deployed. Besides the dangers of heat and flame, they are sometimes exposed to water, steam, chemicals, contaminated liquids, blood and other body fluids. The physical exertion and heat can affect concentration and lead to exhaustion and accidents. 

Selecting the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial to eliminate or manage these risks.

Gore uses special tools to analyse the precise needs of each user group. The company’s experts then develop different solutions to fit each one. The GORE-TEX Moisture Barriers with GORE® CROSSTECH® Product Technology are incorporated into various laminate constructions to make garments that are customised for the end use. Gloves and boots can be equipped with GORE-TEX or GORE® CROSSTECH® membranes. This gives clothing a range of special properties.

Whatever the Challenge: Stay protected

Gore fabrics are designed to withstand environmental impact and to cope with physiological challenges. They maintain their protective properties even after intensive use.


A moisture barrier to keep water and other liquids out, while at the same time allowing water vapour to escape for ideal inner climate. Hems and cuffs as well as the front area and collar are protected by inlet barriers.


The clothing, footwear and gloves stay pleasantly warm in adverse, windy weather conditions and under lengthy deployment in the open.


Quick re-drying of clothing, footwear and gloves is essential to avoid saturating the insulation layer and losing thermal protection. Perspiration is conducted to the outside, keeping the insulation layer dry during deployments.

Thermal protection

Heat and flame garments protect the wearer from the dangers of fire; such as flame, radiation heat, flashover, or other simultaneous heat exposure.

Blood borne pathogens protection

If a risk assessment for boots or gloves indicates the need for durable protection against blood and body fluids, the laminate is constructed using a specially developed ePTFE film. Garments incorporate the protection using GORE® CROSSTECH® Product Technology.

Good grip

Special grip technology for gloves allows for very high tactility, a strong grip and easy donning and doffing.

Technologies for fire and rescue

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