Protection against heat and flame with the GORE® PARALLON® System in active use at Vienna Airport Fire Brigade

For the past 15 years, the Fire and Rescue Training Academy at Vienna Airport has been offering training programmes to which its own and external firefighters are admitted. During the training sessions the instructors are responsible for the safety of the participants – especially in and around the special demonstration unit that can replicate flameover incidents and other forms of fire behaviour. The courses also focus on firefighting incidents involving pressurised liquids such as kerosene, and searching for and rescuing people in situations in which it is almost impossible to see anything.

Even though the safety standards at airports are so highly developed that very few incidents involving serious fires occur, airport fire brigades need to be prepared for every eventuality. For this precise reason, the training and development courses cover a wide range of incidents and extreme situations. Needless to say, the right choice of protective clothing is of crucial importance - whether in training or emergency situations.

For well over a year, the Vienna Airport Fire Service has been equipping its instructors with the GORE® PARALLON® fabric technology. By integrating two membranes into the system, this new breed of clothing is the first of its kind to offer such constantly high levels of heat and flame protection - both when exposed to water from the outside and when the wearer produces a lot of sweat inside the garment. Yet, these protective garments still retain the breathability of earlier systems while simultaneously weighing less than conventional fire turnout gear. This means that wear comfort is enhanced, thus improving the firefighters' ability to perform their tasks at their best, whether they are involved in firefighting exercises or responding to a real emergency. The Parallon System particularly shows its strength when fire ground conditions become critical due to a combination of adverse circumstances.



Reduces the risk of heat stress due to excellent thermal protection.


Raschel and Bristol

Raschel is a specialist company delivering solutions in structural firefighting and workplace safety. As a competent partner in this field, it equipped the Vienna Airport Fire Brigade with Bristol's firefighting garment X-Flex PBI MAX.


Vienna Airport Fire Brigade (FFW)

The Vienna Airport Fire Brigade instructors wear breathable and comfortable garments equipped with GORE® PARALLON® fabric technology. These garments offer reliable protection from heat and flame.


Product information

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The GORE® PARALLON® System is highly breathable. It also offers high levels of comfort and freedom of movement. Even when exposed to water, the weight of these structural firefighting garments does not increase dramatically.



for firefighters:

  • Consistently high levels of protection in all external conditions, wet or dry.
  • Protection against steam burns that occur in sub flashover conditions in wet environments.
  • High levels of comfort, breathability and freedom of movement. 
  • Lower risk of heat stress when compared with other garment solutions with the same degree of protection.
  • Garments hardly get any heavier in wet external conditions (low water pick-up).

ENGINEERED WITH: GORE-TEX Moisture Barriers with GORE® CROSSTECH® Product Technology

Bristol's X-FLEX PBI MAX

Bristol's X-FLEX PBI MAX protective garments


  • Impressively lightweight jacket made with PBI® MAX Gold | Black.
  • Incredibly robust, yet at the same time extremely breathable.
  • Optimum garment fit due to the new X-FLEX design.
  • Athletic appearance thanks to the garment's ergonomic shape.
  • Torch holder system
  • Pocket for radio equipment with loop for remote push-to-talk unit
  • Front pockets with additional glove holder karabiners
  • Pockets on upper arm area of both sleeves
  • Integrated Napoleon pockets
  • Inspection zipper


Bristol's X-FLEX PBI MAX