GORE® CROSSTECH® fabric for emergency medical safety garments

EMS professionals face a special set of risks when responding to emergencies

GORE® CROSSTECH® laminates for emergency medical safety garments

Analysis has shown that the risk to firefighters from blood is higher than exposure to heat and flames because accidents are more frequent than fires. Their clothing must resist penetration by blood infected with HIV, hepatitis B and C, or other pathogens. The tough and comfortable GORE® CROSSTECH® EMS fabric was engineered specifically to protect EMS professionals from exposure to blood and body fluids. The special membrane also allows perspiration to escape so users stay dry, comfortable and focused on their job. Garments made with this fabric are seam-sealed using GORE-SEAM® tape.

GORE® CROSSTECH® EMS fabric comes in different versions for specific functionality. The 2-layer laminate is used with a liner, with the outer-shell laminate providing the garment’s strength and durability as well as protection. The 3-layer laminate is strong and durable enough to be used as a standalone material.

Ideal for

Emergency medical professionals and other responders facing the risk of pathogens borne by body fluids and blood.

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