GORE® CROSSTECH® fabric for search and rescue garments

Responders on rescue missions need lightweight garments with comprehensive protective properties

GORE® CROSSTECH® laminates for search and rescue garments

GORE® CROSSTECH® search and rescue fabric responds to the challenges faced by garments for rescue missions. Garments made of this fabric are breathable: they allow perspiration to escape, keeping the wearer cooler and more comfortable. This also reduces heat stress. The fabric offers durable resistance to penetration by liquids, blood, body fluids, and common chemicals. It is also flame-resistant and highly abrasion-resistant for physically demanding environments. Garments made with this fabric are seam-sealed using GORE-SEAM® tape.

GORE® CROSSTECH® search and rescue fabric comes in different versions for specific functionality. The 2-layer laminate is used as a liner placed inside the outer-shell fabrics, with the outer-shell fabric providing the garment’s strength and durability. The use of an aramid and flame-retardant viscose blend laminate adds flame resistance to the GORE® CROSSTECH® search and rescue 2 layer fabric.

Ideal for

First responders involved in search and rescue missions facing the risk of infection from pathogens borne by blood and body fluids.

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