GORE-TEX Moisture Barriers with GORE® CROSSTECH® Product Technology GORE® PARALLON® System

GORE® PARALLON® System is a revolutionary solution that extends the boundaries of firefighter protection to new levels, removing the compromise between comfort and protection.

GORE® PARALLON® System is breathable and waterproof, delivering effective thermal protection in firefighter Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It reduces the risk of burn injuries and heat stress in wet and dry conditions, creating consistent protection with high levels of comfort and freedom of movement.

Although lighter than similar traditional assemblies, GORE® PARALLON® System achieves greater thermal protection.

Available in two variants which are both EN 469 compliant, GORE® PARALLON® System offers the flexibility of choice to meet the needs of varying operational profiles.

GORE® PARALLON® System 600 is designed to deliver the highest thermal protection combined with the highest breathability. This results in consistently high levels of thermal protection in wet and dry conditions that exceed the EN 469 standard.

GORE® PARALLON® System 500 is lighter and improves wearer comfort but does not compromise protection. It is designed for structural firefighting in warmer, more humid climates and for firefighters who undertake technical rescue work wearing structural garments.

Today’s PPE provides excellent thermal protection from heat and flame, however firefighters have historically still been at risk from steam burns that can occur in sub flashover conditions wearing wet gear. It is the type of injury that is caused by a build up of thermal energy and moisture inside the layers of a garment. This can result in a burn in sub flash over conditions and also by compression from crouching or kneeling, or from a breathing apparatus harness and other belts and straps.

The GORE® PARALLON® System has been developed to specifically combat the risks associated with moisture and heat stress by introducing a solution that incorporates a highly breathable Gore thermal barrier combined with a GORE-TEX moisture barrier.

This is a unique use of two membranes encapsulating a layer of thermal protection that maintains breathability while wicking moisture away from the skin and out through the suit, simultaneously preventing liquid penetration from the outside.

Internal moisture is efficiently moved through the layers, keeping the thermal protective fabric dry and reducing the risk of steam or wet compression burns. Breathability is high, reducing the risk of heat stress and keeping the wearer cooler for longer.

The GORE® PARALLON® System delivers extremely high protection from radiant and convective heat, with significantly increased breathability.

Wet fabric transmits heat 23 times faster than dry, so when a fire suit becomes wet inside, whether from water or heavy sweating, protection levels normally drop. This decreases time to burn and reduces time for escape. In tests undertaken in wet conditions, the GORE® PARALLON® System consistently maintained thermal protection, allowing more time to escape and reducing the risk of burns.