GORE-TEX firefighting gloves

Structural firefighter glove with GORE-TEX glove insert (EN 659)

GORE-TEX firefighting gloves

Firefighters are exposed to numerous hazards during structural firefighting: heat and flames, mechanical impact, water and steam. Their gloves must protect their hands against all potential risks threats like scalding from superheated steam or cold hands due to wet insulation and certain chemicals. At the same time they should offer a high degree of tactile sensitivity.

Firefighter gloves with 3- layer GORE-TEX glove inserts are the perfect choice for structural fire fighting operations. Thanks to the integrated GORE-TEX glove insert they are durably waterproof and highly breathable – preventing the thermal insulation of the protective glove from becoming damp or soaked. At the same time the GORE-TEX Glove insert is thermally stable and remain functional intact even after excessive heat exposure. And finally, the GORE-TEX glove insert is resistant to exposure to common fire ground chemicals as specified in EN ISO 6530 and extremely hard wearing.

Ideal for

  • Structural firefighting
  • Norm: EN 659 – Protective gloves for firefighters


The gloves are resistant to penetration by chemicals according to EN ISO 6530. EN 659 refers to sulphuric acid H2SO4 (30%), hydrochloric acid HCL (36%), caustic soda NaOH (40%) and o-Xylene. They are highly breathable (EN 20811, ISO 11092) and remain durably waterproof even after contact with certain chemicals, exposure to mechanical strain or laundering.


  • GORE-TEX gloves

    Warm, dry and protected hands make the toughest job that much easier to carry out.

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