GORE-TEX firefighting gloves + GORE grip technology

A better grip for better fire fighting

GORE-TEX firefighting gloves plus GORE® grip technology

Sometimes Firefighters require a high degree of tactile sensitivity and dexterity when combatting structural fire. Shaped in the form of a glove, the 1-layer GORE-TEX membrane insert is exceptional thin and extremely hard wearing, It’s sealed seams are soft, supple and barely noticeable. With GORE grip technology, the full surface the membrane insert is bonded to the inner lining and durably connected to the glove’s outer shell. This construction achieves substantially improved tactile sensitivity, prevents slippage between the layers and allows easier donning and doffing. This all means higher degree of precision and securer grip for the fire fighter.

Ideal for

Technical rescue operations


  • EN 659 - Protective gloves for firefighters
  • EN ISO 6530 - Protective clothing - Protection against liquid chemicals - Test method for resistance of materials to penetration by liquids (ISO 6530:2005)


  • GORE-TEX gloves

    Warm, dry and protected hands make the toughest job that much easier to carry out.

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