GORE-TEX PYRAD® garments for technical rescue The latest technical rescue fabric reduces the risk of heat stress

GORE-TEX PYRAD® garments for technical rescue

Firefighters respond to different emergencies, from fires to road accidents. Their clothing must shield them reliably from rain, wind and cold weather. It must also provide protection in situations involving sudden heat and flame exposure. For firefighters to focus fully on the task in hand, their garments need to offer plenty of freedom of movement and be comfortable even in the midst of a deployment.

The new GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology replaces heavy-duty structural gear at rescue incidents. It allows responders to work in confined spaces for longer and reduces the risk of heat stress. GORE-TEX garments with GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology are lightweight, durably windproof, waterproof and very breathable. They provide flame and antistatic protection and incorporate high-visibility elements for work in diminished light. Because they are very lightweight, garments made with GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology can be easily stored in small volume areas for quick donning whenever needed.

The new fabric retains the high levels of durability that Gore fabrics are renowned for and will stand up to the everyday pressures of technical rescue and the industrial cleaning that is required to maintain the garments.

Ideal for

Responding to emergencies, for example, administering first aid, handling road traffic accidents, or during search or rescue incidents.

Norms and standards

Foul weather outerwear with GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology is certified in accordance with ISO 11612 for category 2 end-users. It fulfils the criteria of EN 13034 for chemical protective clothing and offers protection against uncontrolled electrostatic discharge. The clothing met with approval by firefighters in the field in trials lasting several months.

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