Military The first line of defence

Soldiers have to perform a variety of tasks in rapidly changing conditions and climate zones. They need versatile, mission-critical protection to protect them from extreme environmental impact: wet, high or low temperatures, wind or undesirable liquids.

Durable Gore combat clothing systems, boots and gloves provide them with the durable protection and comfort they need to maintain operational focus and performance in all conditions.

Whatever the Challenge: Stay protected

GORE-TEX military fabrics are designed to withstand environmental impact and to cope with physiological challenges. They maintain their protective properties even after intensive use.

Extreme weather

These field-proven fabrics have been specifically engineered to withstand cold and hot, wet and windy conditions. They keep their protective properties even after contact with various chemicals and fluids (oil, diesel, kerosene, insecticides). Washing even multiple times will not affect waterproofness. Even when operating in the extreme cold of up to -30°C, the material will not crack.

Flash Fire

Soldiers facing threats of flash fires and explosions (e.g., IEDs), require flame-retardant battle dress. Gore developed the unique GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology for combat suits to help protect the soldier against heat and flame. This durable fabric balances flame retardancy and thermal insulation and is used for rain suits as well.

Liquids and chemicals

Clothing and footwear worn by military personnel must prevent penetration by chemicals including diesel, cleaning agents, and battery acid. GORE-TEX tactical boots are not only durably waterproof, but offer protection against commonly appearing chemicals and are suitable for a wide range of operations.

Sand and dust

Some missions in the desert require the highest sand and dust protection. Sand can get inside the boots causing rubbing, hence blisters and torn skin. Due to their functional membrane, GORE-TEX desert boots are sand- and dust-proof.

Protection and Comfort


For optimal performance, a soldier must wear clothing, boots or gloves that are highly breathable. GORE-TEX boots and rain suits effectively transport heat and moisture away from the heated skin. This prevents moisture from building up inside the garment or boot.


Proper insulation from cold is mission-critical for military personnel in the field.

The best way to insulate garments, boots and gloves is to build them with layers of trapped air inside. The GORE-TEX membrane in combat clothing, boots and gloves protects against water from the outside while letting sweat evaporate to the outside. This ensures that the insulation stays dry and maintains its heat retention properties. 

GORE® WINDSTOPPER® products offer lasting and reliable protection against wind chill and keep the soldier comfortable and protected in all kinds of weather. This will maximize his or her performance.

Lightweight for better performance

Military personnel are optimally trained and equipped today. To lighten their load, their protective clothing must therefore be low weight and very packable. GORE-TEX rainsuits and boots are the soldier's best lightweight companion. A GORE-TEX size L jacket can weigh less than 500 grams and still provide durable waterproof protection and insulation.

Durability lowers life-cycle costs

Raintower test

Long lasting waterproof garments and footwear reduces life-cycle costs and lowers the customer's ecological footprint.

Gore focuses on the details

A truly waterproof rain suit needs solid seams and zips. Pit vents, pockets and flaps need to be strategically located to avoid water penetration. Garment makers also use wicking barriers, drainage holes and other hidden features to keep the wearer dry.

Rigorous testing

GORE-TEX garments and GORE-TEX military boots must pass the tough Gore Rain Tower Test or the Gore Walking Simulator. They ensure that our products go beyond industry standards. In fact, GORE-TEX footwear laminates have four times higher abrasion resistance compared to most heavy industry standards.

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