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Gore reveals innovative textile solutions that maximise protection and comfort in use!


As a technology-driven company, Gore focuses on the development of new technologies that will bring about change in their areas of application.

At IWA we are unveiling new products and technologies for the police and armed forces. Head-to-toe concepts. GORE-TEX SURROUND® footwear with 360° breathability for tactical activities, ultra stretch GORE-TEX and GORE WINDSTOPPER® fabrics, plus uniforms equipped with the new GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology which protects wearers in sudden flame exposure incidents.

The new technologies provide protection and comfort in both everyday use and critical situations. We invite you to pay a visit to the Gore stand to view our latest product innovations. At IWA in Nuremberg.

Hall 9 / Stand 326


GORE-TEX SURROUND® Tactical Footwear for police forces

The first GORE-TEX police duty footwear with 360° breathability

The new SURROUND® product technology allows for first-of-a-kind GORE-TEX police uniform footwear that is breathable all-around, also through the sole. This innovation ensures a new class of breathability for duty footwear, achieved without having to sacrifice durable waterproofness or compliance with ISO 20347:2012 for occupational footwear.

At our stand, you can expect to see the latest styles of our footwear partners. Stop by to learn more about how we used the valuable experience we gained while establishing this GORE-TEX footwear technology in the mountain sports and casual sectors to pave the way for GORE-TEX police duty footwear with 360° breathability.

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Stretch GORE-TEX and GORE WINDSTOPPER® outerwear

Optimum garment fit and complete freedom of movement

Most police officers know the problem – as soon as you wear an extra layer of clothing under your outer garment, for additional warmth or for added protection, it's too tight. Or, when no such layers are worn underneath it, it's too loose. The latest innovation from W. L. Gore & Associates features unique elastic GORE-TEX and GORE WINDSTOPPER® fabrics which significantly enhance garment fit, making a noticeable difference to the wear comfort of police officers. This technology has been extensively tried and tested within a flexible fit GORE-TEX garment by a German police special operations unit in a range of conditions and over a longer period of time.

Feedback was extremely positive, one user remarked,

The jacket feels like I'm wearing a second skin.

Come and visit us at our stand where we will be displaying these stunning new garments.

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GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology

Flame resistant, compact and light

Depending on where they are deployed, members of the armed forces may face the risk of coming into contact with fire. Flame resistant combat clothing can protect wearers in flash fire incidents. The new jackets and trousers equipped with GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology have proved highly successful both in the field and under laboratory conditions. They are already being worn by the members of various special forces. These uniforms have proven to be particularly resistant when compared with other fire resistant uniforms of a similar weight. GORE-TEX rain suits with GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology are exceptionally light, keep rain out and provide adequate heat and flame protection.

Visitors to IWA can discover a selected range of uniforms and clothing concepts at our stand.

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