Law enforcement officers have a very wide range of clothing needs.

Uniforms are an inherent part of police work. A distinct uniform look with user-specific protection is vital, as is a recognisable look in the street no matter which jacket, trouser or shoe you wear. Same fabric, same colour, but different technologies.

Gore’s functional fabrics and textile technologies for the police have been engineered after careful analysis of end-user needs.

With Gore products, different police units are able to carry out their work without stress, whatever the task and whatever the weather.

Gore makes fabrics for a range of different police activities

Regular and Patrol police

Police officers work in changing conditions. They are sometimes outside, sometimes in the office. Their work is at times very active, at times sedentary. They need comfortable, breathable weather protection.

Riot Police

Police officers deployed at demonstrations need protection against the weather, burning liquids or caustic chemicals.

Special Forces

Special forces of the European police services require a wide range of functional clothing: camouflage outfits, flexible systems, high-tech observation systems, or dry suits for maritime units.

Special Units

Individual protective clothing systems and footwear are required for special units. This includes bike-mounted patrol officers, river and harbour police, mountain police, dog handlers, helicopter crews and other specialists.


Functioning moisture barrier

Continuous rain with the occasional heavy downpour, gusty winds and fluctuating temperatures present a real challenge for outdoor guard and patrol duties. Access to a range of integrated clothing systems and high quality protective footwear and gloves offering good weather protection and wearer comfort is vital. It allows police officers to stay fully focused on their tasks.

Low temperatures

With temperatures down to -20°C, snowfall and piercing wind, night-time patrol duty or stationary guard duties, border controls or vehicle checks are very difficult. These scenarios demand equipment that offers protection against the weather and the cold together with optimum comfort.

High temperatures / high activity

Patrol and guard duties in urban, rural, or mountainous situations and with different resources can be made more difficult in hot weather with short and heavy storms. Changing scenarios demand multifunctional equipment that provides perfect weather protection, optimum freedom of movement and is adapted to fluctuating weather conditions or temperatures – for example when often changing between indoors and outdoors.


The clothing stays pleasantly warm in adverse, windy weather conditions and under lengthy deployment in the open.

Specific personal protective function

Heat and flame

Gore barrier fabrics provide the highest degree of liquid and flame protection for officers confronted with public disorder. Walking through a crowd, or on a rescue deployment, requires protective, breathable, and impermeable riot gear.

Caustic chemicals

There are several situations where police officers may be exposed to caustic chemicals especially within a public order situation. Gore barrier fabrics provide both liquid penetration protection, and effective chemical run off, reducing the risk of chemicals penetrating the clothing, footwear or gloves or become absorbed in the fabric.

Burning liquids

In public order control situations police officers may confront the use of Molotov cocktails. These can contain a number of different materials, but are essentially burning liquids. The use of Gore fabric technologies means the wearer has best in class protection for riot situations as well as protection from a wide range of weather conditions.



In many environments and work scenarios the officer will experience sweating. Clothing and footwear which is breathable allows the sweat to pass through, keeping the wearer dry. If the sweating is excessive then quick re-drying of clothing, footwear and gloves is essential, to prevent saturation of the insulation layer and consequent loss of thermal protection.  Garments made using GORE-TEX and GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Fabrics have been designed for the optimum balance of breathability, durability and weather protection.


Staying light is crucial during missions demanding high activity levels. Gore Micro Grid Backer technology is the most advanced backer technology. It offers lightest weight and a rugged clean look. Valuable grams have been saved from the total weight of the garment. When police forces are asking for lighter, more athletic footwear, tactical GORE-TEX duty footwear is the right solution, they are able to combine a high level of protective functionality with a lightweight and sporty shoe design.

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