Technologies for Police



Clothing police forces for all seasons and situations

Gore has created a host of solutions to give police officers outstanding protection in a range of weather conditions. The Gore portfolio of products is modular, so officers can mix and match the various items of clothing depending on weather and type and level of activity.

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Police outer clothing

An integrated membrane is the core element in a host of in-service clothes. The range extends from weatherproof service jackets for patrol duty to anoraks for operational officers, riding suits for bike-mounted police or special suits for special branch officers. Design and equipment vary according to the type of service and climatic conditions typical of the country concerned.

Modular clothing systems

The functional clothing system for European police units is specially engineered to meet the demands of guard and patrol duties. Garments based on GORE-TEX and GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technology can be mixed and matched to achieve the optimum combination to respond to prevailing weather conditions, the type of activity and the activity level. Whatever the circumstances, this functional clothing system offers the perfect-fit solution.

GORE-TEX and GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Garments for Police

Modular clothing systems for police officers with products ranging from GORE-TEX rain suits to GORE® WINDSTOPPER® soft shell jackets ensure that you are equipped for changing operational conditions. Our garments are more breathable than other fabrics traditionally used for uniforms. In addition they are durably waterproof. That means you stay warm, dry, and comfortable, whatever the weather.

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