Glove with GORE-TEX 3-layer non-woven insert
- cold, and wet weather protection
- breathable protection
- Frequently washable
- Keeps insulation of the glove dry

If you work outside in the damp and cold, you know from experience that stiff and damp fingers can make even simple grasping tasks impossible. If your glove is saturated, this effect increases perceptibly as the wetness acts like a bridge transmitting cold. Hands need protection against bad weather. If your work brings you into contact with acids, alkaline solutions or contaminated liquids, then your gloves must also as a protective barrier. Gloves with GORE-TEX 3-layer or 2-layer non-woven insert protect against cold and wet and keep the insulation dry from the outside. Above all they are breathable and therefore exceptionally comfortable, even when carrying out work that makes hands sweat.