GORE® CROSSTECH® fabrics A specialised technology for preventing blood and body fluid penetration.


GORE® CROSSTECH® moisture barriers are tested in accordance with ISO 16604/ASTM F 1671, procedure C, SOP-12-013. For this certification the laminate is tested for its resistance to blood borne pathogens using the bacteriophage PHI-X174. Barrier properties remain intact even after heat exposure and heavy use. The surrogate virus Phi-X-174 is about the same size as the smallest of the most dangerous pathogens.

Furthermore, GORE® CROSSTECH® products are durably waterproof and at the same time they minimise heat stress thanks to outstanding breathability.

Garments, footwear and gloves containing GORE® CROSSTECH® fabrics as the liquid barrier exceed international standards. Such products must act as a barrier against blood, body fluids and chemicals such as battery acid, hydraulic fluid, petroleum, concentrated chlorine solutions and fire-extinguishing foam. 

Ideal for

  • Structural firefighters
  • Paramedics and ambulance personnel
  • Rescue missions

Standard compliant

As far as waterproofness is concerned they far exceed the requirements of EN343; ISO 14369 (rain tower) or garment norms EN469, ISO 14116, ISO 116212

Firefighting and rescue applications