GORE® PARALLON® system Managing heat stress with excellent thermal insulation.

GORE® PARALLON® moisture barrier laminate with quick re-dry moisture management properties
GORE® PARALLON® thermal barrier with critical thermal protection coupled with membrane for additional moisture protection
Outer material
The GORE® PARALLON® system:
- delivers enhanced thermal protection with moisture management
- maintains thermal protection in wet conditions
- reducing heat stress while optimizing thermal protection in hazardous heat exposure conditions
GORE® PARALLON® System available with a Gore moisture barrier

Firefighters’ gear protects from heat and flame. But if the garments are wet, the heat built up into the layers, together with moisture can suddenly “change directions,” as it were, and injure the firefighter, especially when compressed by kneeling or by tight harness straps. Gore developed its GORE® PARALLON® system to combat injuries from these so-called sub-flashover conditions. 

The solution lies in optimising heat and moisture management. GORE® PARALLON® protects firefighters from steam or wet burns by using a breathable membrane to move internal moisture through the layers and keep the thermal barrier dry. By picking up less water, the fabric also remains lighter. Firefighters can move quickly and efficiently, knowing their gear is their ally.

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Firefighters combating structural fires

In combination with

GORE® PARALLON® systems are combined with Gore moisture barriers

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