Tactical GORE-TEX extended comfort footwear

Light, fast and flexible: Designed for assault, rescue or many day to day military activities.

Highly breathable
Durably waterproof

Warfare for soldiers comes in many forms, from assault and rescue missions, house-to-house combat during urban battles or intense running. To carry out their duties with full concentration, soldiers rely on highly breathable, flexible and athletic footwear. Tactical GORE-TEX extended comfort footwear is based on a tough, well-established construction. The GORE-TEX laminate is combined with a lightweight textile upper, which allows for a functional, athletic design.

The tactical GORE-TEX extended comfort footwear is durably waterproof and will resist sewage and a number of commonly occurring chemicals and diesel. Leaving out insulation under the membrane allows for greater heat loss and extreme breathability.

Ideal for

Soldiers on missions with lighter loads. These boots are good for running, intermittent heavy combat, house to house fighting and urban warfare.