GORE-TEX heat & flame garments

Outer material
Membrane laminate
Thermal barrier
Liner material

When the going gets tough, GORE-TEX products with GORE® CROSSTECH® Product Technology have the technology that keeps the wearer dry and comfortable in real working situations throughout the lifetime of the garment.

GORE-TEX heat & flame garments with GORE® CROSSTECH® Product Technology are built of an outer fire-resistant material, a membrane laminate, thermal barrier, and liner material. All layers together provide the level of thermal protection and breathability. Structural firefighting garments sold in Europe must comply with EN 469, and are then labelled to either Level 1 or Level 2.

The membrane barrier forms an essential part of the structural fire fighting garment, affecting the degree of protection from liquid, the ability of the garment to let sweat out (breathe) and the level of thermal protection by protecting the thermal barrier. The unique GORE-TEX membrane with GORE® CROSSTECH® Product Technology will neither burn nor melt. Furthermore, GORE® CROSSTECH® Product Technology provides protection against pathogens transmitted through blood and body fluids.


Performance requirements for protective clothing for firefighters

In combination with

GORE-TEX Moisture Barriers with GORE® CROSSTECH® Product Technology are used as a stand-alone solution or combined with GORE® AIRLOCK® spacer technology or GORE® PARALLON® systems.

Ideal for

Use by professional and voluntary firefighters

Additional Feature

GORE® AIRLOCK® spacer technology

GORE® AIRLOCK® spacer technology

Optimising insulation improves breathability and reduces heat stress and the risk of scalding due to high moisture vapour transfer.

Firefighters need to move fast. But their duties require heavy protective equipment that can slow them down and reduce their agility.

The bicomponent ePTFE-based laminate is a lightweight product that gives fire-fighters protection and much-needed agility in their work. 

This ingenious system applies chemical-resistant silicone spacers to a thin, non-woven substrate that is permanently bonded to a Gore liquid barrier. The spacers create an insulating air cushion for lightweight and low-bulk garments. They remain stable even at high and low temperatures and will not crack. Moisture can escape quickly reducing the risk of steam burns.

Combined laminate and thermal dot construction reduces moisture stored in the layers of the garment. This leads to faster drying time. The lighter-weight garments reduce the risk of heat strain and allow the wearer to work safely for longer. Laminate orientation determines optimal garment feature, whether it be protection or breathability.

Ideal for

Structural Firefighters for whom agility is critical while engaging in various activities wearing an EN469 Level 2 garment.


Performance requirements for protective clothing for firefighters

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