Gore antistatic technology

In industries involving the handling of inflammable agents, antistatic clothing is crucial.

Outer material
GORE® membrane with Gore antistatic technology
Sparks can not emerge

Gore antistatic technology is a high-tech solution to avoid static electricity collecting on clothing. An extremely fine net of conductive nanocarbon particles is firmly locked in the microporous structure of the membrane. Charges are dissipated constantly over the whole garment. Protection is located under the face fabric, so even if torn, the antistatic feature remains. If need be, flame protection can be added by choosing the appropriate outer materials
GORE® garments made with antistatic technology exceed industry safety standard EN 1149-3.


Protective clothing - Electrostatic properties - Part 3: Test methods for measurement of charge decay

Ideal for

Those who work in oil, gas and telecommunication fields

In combination with

  • GORE-TEX garments
  • GORE® WINDSTOPPER® garments

Standard compliant

  • Unique full-surface technology is measured according to EN 1149.