Gore gas permeable technology Giving soldiers room to breath

Outer material
GORE-TEX membrane
O2 / CO2

This unique technology gives GORE-TEX sleep systems remarkable versatility. They can be used as bivy/small tents, as observations posts, emergency stretchers, portable waterproof stores, or waterproof bags for river crossing. These systems can be closed completely and allow for very lightweight and packable products. To achieve this requires combining materials, for example, a lightweight gas permeable fabric as a top cover, and a robust laminate for the ground sheet. The system is extremely permeable to oxygen you breathe in and carbon dioxide you exhale. It's ideal for all military activity in wet terrain and rain. Vapour condensation inside is reduced or quickly transported to the outside.

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Use in military operations.

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GORE® Gas Permeable Technology for GORE-TEX Bivy Bags