Gore HiLite technology Durably visible clothing

Sealed face fabric
GORE® membrane
Water vapour (sweat)
Wind / Rain
Grease / Grime

For people who work in traffic and other outdoor locations in diminished light, high-visibility clothing is a must. But serious grease and grime (common in railway work, for instance) can impair visibility, putting workers at risk of serious accidents.

Gore HiLite Technology keeps gear highly visible - EN 20471 norm-compliant: lightly soiled garments can be wiped down on the job; heavily grimed clothing can be easily restored to its original state by recommended washing processes.

Gore developed a special polymer to seal the fabrics’ yarns in an outer textile keeping its open structure. This process prevents dirt particles and water from becoming entangled with the fibres of the fabric, while still allowing the garment to breathe.


High visibility clothing - Test methods and requirements

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