GORE® WINDSTOPPER® fabrics Total windproofness. Maximum breathability.

The green and blue areas indicate that the material is wind permeable and that it cools the skin. The wearer will quickly chill. This demonstrates the wind chill effect.
The red and yellow areas show that the GORE® WINDSTOPPER® membrane offer effective wind protection. The wearer feels comfortable and warm and can continue physical work.

GORE® WINDSTOPPER® products keep you comfortable and protected across a wide range of weather conditions and activities to maximise your performance. 

They are made with laminates that use a mix of surface and lining materials for 2- or 3-layer constructions. GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technology is used to provide thermal insulation in colder temperatures where wind can add chill. One major advantage: garments are less bulky and can be worn indoors and outdoors.

GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Fabrics offer maximum breathability, which help maintain the body's core temperature. In wet conditions, GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shells offer rain resistance.

In combination with

  • Gore antistatic technology
  • Gore stretch technology
  • High-insulation GORE® WINDSTOPPER® garments


      • GORE-TEX and GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Garments for Police

      • GORE® WINDSTOPPER® technology for Insulation Suits

        Military personnel serving in extreme cold and windy conditions stay warm and comfortable in GORE® WINDSTOPPER® insulation suits. 

      • GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Stretch Technology