Quality at every step

Quality at every step

Extreme sports enthusiasts, firefighters, military personnel and workers who require durable and functional protective clothing rely on GORE-TEX products for effectiveness, comfort, and resilience. 

The “Fitness for use” principle. 

Gore develops technical materials and technologies adapted to user requirements.  GORE-TEX laminates fulfil the prescribed Gore performance standards.

Supply chain excellence

Gore has developed and implemented a sophisticated quality control system for the entire value chain for every Gore fabrics product.  It begins at the selection of raw materials and extends all the way to manufacturing. Gore works with licensed customers and their certified GORE-TEX manufacturers to ensure high processing standards for garments, shoes and gloves. Gore experts also provide them with advice and training 
Clothing, shoes and gloves are extensively analysed and tested for product performance.

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    Knowledge of market requirements / Product concept

  • 2

    Supplier selection

  • 3

    Laminate development and production

  • 4

    Seam sealing: GORE-SEAM® Tapes / technology / equipment

  • 5

    Garment Design & Engineering: waterproof construction techniques & support

  • 6

    Gore Performance Standards / Gore Rain Tower

  • 7

    Gore Climate Chamber / Field tests

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    Certified manufacturer / Gore Factory Support

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    Brand licensing

Technical excellence

Factory Support

Every GORE-TEX end product features the GORE-TEX membrane, which is incorporated into a laminate. Development of the laminate begins with a careful study of the future garment’s specific functions. Then comes the choice of raw materials and the design of manufacturing technologies.

Gore technicians thoroughly test membranes in special labs for functional performance. They must be waterproof, windproof, and highly breathable even when combined with other features: flex resistance, thermal stability and resistance to certain chemicals and liquids.

For critical areas of garments and shoes, Gore engineered GORE-SEAM® sealing tapes and a special seam sealing process. Special solutions, like collars, waterproof pockets, front closures, bootlaces and hems with extra-wide wicking barriers, have been developed to ensure top quality products.

Raising the bar

Raising the bar

Gore goes aims above the usual norms and standards.

GORE-TEX products have earned their reputation because they deliver what they promise. Various tests are performed to ensure a garment’s functionality and quality over time. Not only is the GORE-TEX laminate tested, but also the complete garment. Membrane, laminate, seaming tape, design and production ensure that the quality of long-lasting functional clothing survives the harshest working conditions.

Gore performance and safety standards (GPST) often surpass those set by specific industries. Each standard is related to the conditions under which the garment will be used: activity,
weather conditions, period of activity, pace and intensity of work, and specific garment design requirements. 
Today, an endless number of GORE-TEX products are in use in a wide range of applications all over the world – also in the world of workwear, by firefighters, rescue services, the military, the police and in industry. GORE-TEX clothing systems have helped to raise people's awareness of the importance of functionality paired with comfort in protecting clothing, safety boots, gloves and in the workplace.


  • Testing Laminates/Garments

    Gore has developed a large number of specific tests for its garments and laminates. Click on the name of each test for a brief description.

  • Testing Footwear

  • Testing Gloves