Testing GORE Footwear

Every new footwear prototype is subjected to rigorous tests in the Gore testing labs. The entire system of outer material, insulation, membrane and lining has to prove its excellence under the toughest conditions. 

At Gore, a shoe or boot  is only cleared for production when it meets the high quality and performance standards of Gore Footwear. The entire system of outer material, insulation, membrane and lining has to prove its excellence under the toughest conditions.The test criteria often exceeds the requirements defined in EN ISO 20345:2011 - Personal protective equipment - Safety footwear / EN ISO 20347:2012 -  Personal protective equipment - Occupational footwear.

  • The Gore walking simulator

    This test monitors simulates walking in rain for a long period of time. The boot is submerged in a five centimetres of water and flexed 500,000 times (500 kilometres walking). Body weight and walking speed of the wearer can also be simulated. Sensors in the boot react as soon as the smallest amount of moisture enters the boot.

  • The Gore centrifuge test

    To locate leakage, boots are filled with water, mounted on the centrifuge device and spun for half an hour at approximately 240 revolutions a minute. This patented test enables identification of 100% waterproofness 30 times more quickly than previous methods. Gore-certified manufacturing plants must have one of these devices.

  • Gore hydro test or wicking test

    The absorptive properties of upper leathers, textiles, bootlaces and threads are tested by dipping them into water. They have passed the test when the water has not risen more than 1 centimetre after two hours.

  • The whole boot comfort test

    High breathability and climate comfort of boots with GORE-TEX or GORE® CROSSTECH® shoe laminates is vital. In the comfort test the entire shoe is tested for moisture vapour diffusion and water absorption, which ensures that all components are working together to deliver climate comfort in the intended use.

  • Quality at every step

    At the heart of Gore’s quality claim is the principle “Fit for use.” All technical materials are geared towards the user requirements and extensively tested for product performance.

  • Testing Laminates/Garments

    Gore has developed a large number of specific tests for its garments and laminates. Click on the name of each test for a brief description.

  • Testing Gloves