Testing GORE gloves

Waterproof and breathable. Thorough testing ensures Protection and Comfort for your hands.

  • Whole glove breathability test

    This laboratory test measures breathability of gloves with GORE-TEX ® or GORE® CROSSTECH® glove inserts by weighing the mass of water in a glove before and after the test. The technicians calculate the volume of water vapour passing through glove in a specific time period and under specific atmospheric conditions. 

  • Whole glove leak test

    This test for durable waterproofness of all new glove styles is carried out at Gore-certified laboratories. It uses pressurized air to indicate leakage in a glove immersed in water. The leak detection test can indicate the location of any leaks in the glove insert.

  • Liner retention test

    Donning and doffing gloves must be easy! The test also shows if the lining and the insert in each finger are properly fixed to the shell. The minimum retention force is 2.26 kg (or 5 lbs). The construction stays in place and the glove remains waterproof.

  • The spray test for water resistance

    The shell of any GORE-TEX ® or GORE® CROSSTECH® glove must be liquid resistant and needs to dry quickly. Wet shells reduce evaporation and hinder breathability. The spray test is an ISO test to see how many droplets stick to the fabric. Poorly impregnated fabrics soak up water, become heavy and cause heat loss. 

  • Quality at every step

    At the heart of Gore’s quality claim is the principle “Fit for use.” All technical materials are geared towards the user requirements and extensively tested for product performance.

  • Testing Laminates/Garments

    Gore has developed a large number of specific tests for its garments and laminates. Click on the name of each test for a brief description.

  • Testing Footwear