Every day, professionals, such as craftsmen, electric utility and road workers, rail and airport personnel, postmen, highway workers and others, face a host of occupational hazards. On the one hand, there is inclement weather, with wind, rain, snow, or heat and humidity.

On the other hand, there are work-related risks, including chemical spills, flammable substances, heat, fire and electrical arcing. These workers can rely on GORE’s breathable, water- and windproof clothing for comfort and protection.


Extreme Weather

When professionals have to work outdoors in the wind and rain, it is crucial for them to have very comfortable garments that will protect them from the elements. GORE-TEX garments, footwear and gloves provide durable waterproof and windproof protection.

High Visibility

Maintenance workers in industry, at airports and railway shunting yards or collecting rubbish in traffic know the importance of high-visibility protective wear. Protective garments can become heavily soiled with greases, oils and particles of graphite. GORE-TEX fabrics keep reflective colours brilliant, wash after wash.

Electrostatic charge

Daily work with petrochemicals, like in refineries or airports, is dangerous. Workers must be protected from the weather and sudden combustion or explosions due to electrical sparks from static discharge.

Electric arc

Electric utility workers need protective garments providing heat, flame and durable weather protection in combination with protection against the thermal hazards of electric arc.

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